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I'm Soph, I hate being called Sophie. It makes me nauseous. I'm an aspiring fashion journalist and Rachel Weisz enthusiast. You will soon discover that when you see that my tumblr is like a fucking shrine to her. I would even go so far as to say that I am her biggest fan.


I can never think of female names I particularly like but I just realized I really like the name “Evelyn” and someone with that name could either be nicknamed “Evie” or “Lyn” and that is a sophisticated name with cute nicknames what more could you ask for 

also Rachel Weisz in The Mummy


Jennifer Aniston had previously been mooted to star alongside Toni Collette in the comedy drama, but Oscar-winning British actress Rachel Weisz will now headline with A Long Way Down’s Collette.

In another major tweak, the director’s chair will now be occupied by Catherine Hardwicke, best known for Twilight (2008), who replaces Paul Andrew Williams.

With a screenplay by Morwenna Banks, the film centres on two lifelong friends whose friendship is fractured when one becomes seriously ill; the other pregnant.


Rachel Weisz will star opposite Toni Collette in Miss You AlreadyRachel Weisz has signed up for British comedy-drama Miss You Already.

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